Tomato grafting Toru Bam method

Fecha de publicación: 19/04/2017
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention provides a tomato grafting Toru Bam method, and the method comprises the steps of scion and stock selection; grafting preparation; grafting; and management after grafting. Tomato is a main plantation vegetable kind in China, and is a common vegetable in the dining table, but the tomato can get die-back, verticillium wilt, bacterial wilt and root knot nematode disease easily. Once the tomato has got a disease, low yield or even no yield will be caused, bringing a huge loss to the farmers. Therefore, a Toru Bam wild eggplant is selected as a stock for grafting the tomato, raising tomato resistance to the die-back, the verticillium wilt and the bacterial wilt greatly, and reducing farmers' plantation risk greatly. The Toru Bam root is prosperous, therefore the survival rate of the grafted seedlings is guaranteed; both the tomato and the Toru Bam belongs to the Solanaceae plants, therefore, the affinity between the scion and the stock is high; the grafting success rate can be greatly raised; and the growth speed of the grafting sprout after grafting can be accelerated. According to the invention, the tomato grafting Toru Bam method is convenient; the survival rate is high; the tomato disease resistance, water logging resistance, the fertility and high yield can be greatly improved.