Tomato grafted seedling cutting device with modularized tool bit

Fecha de publicación: 07/12/2021
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The utility model discloses a tomato grafted seedling cutting device with a modularized tool bit, which comprises a tomato seedling placing plate, a driving handle, a rotating shaft, a rebounding component and a grafting tool mounting block, and is characterized in that the tomato seedling placing plate is arranged, a placing groove is formed in the tomato seedling placing plate, and the placing groove is semicircular; the shape of the placing groove is the same as that of a tomato stem, so that uniform stress of the tomato seedling is guaranteed and the tomato seedling is prevented from being crushed when the tomato seedling is cut, a silica gel protection layer is arranged on the inner wall of the placing groove, a cutter can accurately cut the tomato seedling when cutting the tomato seedling, and the problems that the tomato seedling is cut incompletely and is time-consuming and labor-consuming due to the adoption of a hard material are avoided; the survival rate of tomato seedlings is low.