Tomato-flavored potato chips and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 16/03/2018
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses tomato-flavored potato chips. The tomato-flavored potato chips are prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 100 parts of mashed potatoes, 5 parts of cookedblack bean powder, 2 parts of a tomato sauce, 2 parts of tomato freeze-dried powder, 1 part of Chinese cabbage freeze-dried powder, 1 part of red grape wine, 1 part of blueberry fruit juice, 0.5 partof black pepper powder, 1 part of scallion, 2 parts of fresh ginger, 1.0 part of baking soda powder, 2 parts of table salt, 10 parts of white sugar, 0.5 part of monosodium glutamate and an appropriate amount of water. Compared with conventional potato chips, the preparation technology is unique, the material selection is scientific, the potato chips are non deep-fried products, and heat quantityis reduced; besides, the cooked black bean powder, the red grape wine, the blueberry fruit juice, the tomato sauce and the tomato freeze-dried powder are in cooperation, have rich vitamins, besides, can improve the immune function of human bodies, and are beneficial for health; the fresh ginger and the black pepper powder can invigorate the stomach; the formula meets requirements of the human bodies, so that people can also maintain health of bodies while enjoying delicious foods; the tomato sauce and the tomato freeze-dried powder can regulate the tomato taste, and the original flavor of tomatoes can be maintained; and the baking soda is added, so that the potato chips can be loose and good in mouth feel.