Tomato-carrot lactic acid fermentation beverage and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 22/04/2015
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses a tomato-carrot lactic acid fermentation beverage. The beverage comprises the following preparation raw materials: a tomato-carrot slurry mixture, oligosaccharide, a stabilizer and lactic acid bacteria, wherein the addition amounts of the oligosaccharide and the stabilizer are respectively 0.1-1 percent and 0.01-0.5 percent of the mass of the tomato-carrot slurry mixture; the tomato-carrot slurry mixture comprises carrot primary pulp and tomato primary pulp; and the volume ratio of the carrot primary pulp to the tomato primary pulp is (5-8) to (2-5). The preparation method comprises the following steps: uniformly stirring and mixing the tomato-carrot slurry mixture and the oligosaccharide, adding lactic acid bacteria for fermenting, standing for 20-50 hours after fermenting, filtering and ageing, thereby obtaining the filtrate; regulating the sugar degree of the filtrate to be 5-15 brix, adding 0.01-0.5 percent of the stabilizer, homogenizing, thereby obtaining the tomato-carrot lactic acid fermentation beverage. The lactic acid fermentation beverage is strong in fruit flavor and fermentation aroma, the taste is moderate, the nutritional ingredients of the carrot and tomatoes are remained to the greatest degree, and the preparation method is simple and suitable for industrial production, and pollution is avoided.