Tomato biological preservative and preparation method and use method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 20/08/2019
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention relates to a method for preparing a tomato biological preservative. The method comprises the following steps: selecting a proper amount of streptomyces hydrogenans thalli for activationculture, wherein the preservation number of the streptomyces hydrogenans is CGMCC No.17449; centrifuging the obtained fermentation product to remove thalli, taking the supernatant, adding appropriateamount of ethanol for extraction, performing centrifuging to remove alcohol insoluble substances, and concentrating the supernatant under reduced pressure to remove ethanol to obtain extractum; and re-dissolving the extractum with water, and performing centrifuging to remove water insoluble substances so as to obtain a supernatant, namely the tomato biological preservative. An use method of the tomato biological preservative comprises the following steps: diluting the tomato biological preservative in water, soaking tomato fruits in the preservative, and taking out and airing the tomato fruits; or uniformly spraying the diluted preservative liquid on the surface of the tomato fruits cleaned by clear water, and airing the tomato fruits. The tomato biological preservative provided by the invention can form a protective layer on the surface of fruits so as to effectively prevent moisture and nutrient components from losing; and meanwhile, antibacterial components in the preservative can effectively prevent germs from invading the fruits and reduce the decay rate of the fruits.