Fecha de publicación: 23/01/2013
Fuente: Wipo tomato
PURPOSE: A study about tomato suitable for the tomato sauce is provided to select tomato the most suitable for the tomato sauce by evaluating the overall preference such as the color, flavor and taste of cooked tomato sauces. CONSTITUTION: Tomato most suitable for the tomato sauce is selected by conducting physical chemical tests and a sensory evaluation on tomato sauces which are made of different tomato kinds. Using five(5) species of tomatoes of dawn(Seo-gwang), glory(Young-gwang), mineral water(Gwang-su), plum and cherry, 5 sauces are prepared with the same recipe in the same condition. The quality characteristic is compared and analyzed. The tomato sauce is manufactured using the tomato flesh after removing the seed part. Tomato puree is used instead of the thickening agent. Onion and garlic are added to olive oil, and the mixture is simmered at 80deg.C for 45 minutes. The simmered mixture is blended in a blender for 2 minutes, and filtered with a sieve of 20 mesh. Five different tomato sauces using five species of tomatoes are cooked. The cooked tomato sauces are contained in 100ml containers and preserved at -18deg.C. The general component evaluation, color, pH, Brix, salinity, reducing sugar, viscosity and sensory evaluation are conducted to the tomato sauces. The measurement of the moisture, crude protein, crude fat and ash of the tomato sauce is done by the AOAC method. The plum tomato sauce indicated the highest preference in color, flavor, taste, feeling after swallowed, and the overall preference. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2013