Fecha de publicación: 24/06/1997
Fuente: Wipo tomato
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To efficiently obtain tomato flavor without making a raw material of a tomato product waste by emulsifying a mixture of the tomato seeds with water by an extruder, reacting the emulsified material with a flavor enzyme and separating a product from the reaction mixture. SOLUTION: Tomato seeds are taken out from the crushed tomato fruit and lightly washed with water and dried by feeding air to afford tomato seeds necessary for post-process. Water is added to the tomato seeds and the mixture containing tomato and water in a weight ratio of (2/1) to (1/1) is prepared and the mixture is charged into a twin-screw rotation type extruder for squeezing and squeezed to afford an emulsion. A residual solution obtained by separating a protein content by salting from tomato solution and carrying out dialysis is added as a flavor enzyme to the emulsion to carry out enzymatic reaction and a tomato flavor is separated from an enzymatic reaction product containing the produced tomato flavor by distillation under reduced pressure to efficiently provide the objective tomato flavor without making raw material of the tomato product waste.COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO