Production method for tomato juice beverage prepared with enzymatic method

Fecha de publicación: 26/03/2014
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention provides a production method for tomato juice beverage prepared with an enzymatic method, and belongs to the food biotechnology field. The production method has the technical key comprising the following steps of blanching to peel off tomato skins with water of 80-100DEG C; adding color fixative compounded by sodium erythorbate and tea polyphenol of which the mass ratio is 1:2-1:4; keeping the temperature of 65-85DEG C, and carrying out pulping processing; passivating oxidase activity; controlling the oxidation of tomato pulp to keep the natural color of the tomato pulp; carrying out composite enzymatic hydrolysis on the tomato pulp by pectinase NCB-PE40 and cellulase AE80 of which the mass ratio is 1:1-1:3, and filtering to obtain tomato juice; adding 0.10-0.50% of compound stabilizer (which is compounded by 40-50% of xanthan gum, 20-30% of agar powder and 20-40% of pectin) to improve the suspension stability of the tomato juice. Sugar and citric acid are added for blending to obtain the tomato juice beverage with bright color and abundant nutrition.