Process for producing concentrated clear cherry tomato juice

Fecha de publicación: 20/10/2010
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses a process for producing concentrated clear cherry tomato juice, which comprises the following steps of: crushing and juicing mature cherry tomato, adding water into the juice and fully stirring to obtain initial turbid juice; heating the initial turbid juice and cooling the heated juice to between 50 and 55 DEG C, adding amylase, pectinase and pear juice enzyme, preserving the heat at the temperature of between 50 and 55 DEG C, and performing digestion to obtain secondary turbid juice; performing centrifugal separation on supernatant of the secondary turbid juice to obtain clear cherry tomato juice; and filtering the clear cherry tomato juice by using a filter membrane until the juice is limpid, and performing vacuum concentration to obtain the concentrated clear cherry tomato juice. The process has mild conditions; pectin and starch in the clear juice are removed by combining ordered temperature rise or drop with enzymolysis; and the whole technical process keeps the nutritional ingredients of cherry tomato as many as possible, and also keeps the color and flavor of the fruit juice to the maximum.