Preserved cherry tomato fruits

Fecha de publicación: 13/08/2014
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses preserved cherry tomato fruits and a processing method thereof. The method comprises the following concrete steps: cleaning fresh cherry tomato fruits as a raw material, processing a plurality of holes in the cherry tomatoes fruits by a perforating machine, soaking the cherry tomato fruits in a sodium pyrosulfite solution for color-protecting, sugaring, and finally, performing processes of drying, cooling and the like to prepare the finished preserved cherry tomato fruits. According to the method, an effect of passivating phenolase is achieved while the color is protected, and the browning degree of the preserved cherry tomato fruits is lowered; the sugaring and drying processes are segmentally carried out, so that the preserved cherry tomato fruits can have the color and the flavor of original fruits and also retain the shapes of the original fruits, thus having better competitive advantages than like products.