Preparation method of high-quality fermented tomato juice

Fecha de publicación: 22/12/2017
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention belongs to the technical field of vegetable juice processing, and especially discloses a preparation method of high-quality fermented tomato juice. The preparation method of the high-quality fermented tomato juice specifically comprises the following steps: (1), taking the following raw materials in parts by weight: fresh tomatoes, cellulase, pectinase, compound probiotics, and stevioside; (2), preparing frozen roasted tomato pulp; (3), preparing fermented tomato pulp; (4), preparing high-quality fermented tomato juice; and (5), carrying out vacuum filling, sterilization, and labeling so as to obtain final products. The prepared tomato juice is red in color and bright in luster, and has natural fragrance of tomatoes and fermented aroma. The tomato juice is soft and harmonious in taste, sour-sweet and palatable, and has flavor of the original juice; moreover, the tomato juice is fine and smooth in texture, free of flocculation and stratification, effectively increased in lycopene and vitamin contents, and raised in nutritional and health-care values.