Method for processing precipitate-free tomato juice

Fecha de publicación: 22/01/2014
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses a method for processing precipitate-free tomato juice. The method comprises the following steps: putting tomatoes in a cymbal type juicer to extract normal tomato juice, and adding proper water according to requirement; heating for 2 minutes at a temperature of 65-75 DEG C; filtering the tomato juice; adding sugar, salt and vitamin C; homogenizing with a high-pressure homogenizer; bottling, sterilizing at a high temperature and cooling to obtain the tomato juice without precipitate, wherein the content of the normal tomato juice in the precipitate-free tomato juice is 70-100 percent. The precipitate-free tomato juice has natural color and smell of tomato, is excellent in taste and uniform in character, is durable and stable without precipitate, does not have green or cooked taste, does not contain thickener, antioxidant and other food additives. The method for processing precipitate-free tomato juice adopts a short-time mild low-temperature heat treatment technology, performs squeeze and low-temperature heat treatment sequentially, is simple in processing process, and is suitable for large-scale production.