Method for preparing tomato candies

Fecha de publicación: 04/07/2012
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention provides a method for preparing tomato candies, belonging to the field of tomato processing. By adopting the method, the defect that the tomatoes are not easy to preserve for a long time or transport can be effectively overcome. The method is characterized by putting tomatoes into a water tank, adding defined amount of clear water to clean the tomatoes, then fishing out the tomatoes with a colander, tearing off the tomato skins with hands, then putting the tomatoes on a chopping board and chopping each tomato into six sections with a knife; putting the chopped tomatoes into a spin dryer, spinning off the residual moisture in the tomatoes and then taking out the tomatoes and putting the tomatoes into a basin for later use; and uniformly laying a layer of tomato sections in a water vat, then sprinkling a layer of white sugar, then sprinkling a layer of potassium sorbate, repeatedly laying ten layers, covering the water vat with a cover, sugaring the tomato sections in the water vat for three days and then taking out the tomato sections, wherein the tomato sections which are taken out can be eaten. The method is mainly used for producing tomato candies.