Method for increasing iron content in tomato fruit

Fecha de publicación: 29/05/2020
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses a method for increasing an iron content in a tomato fruit. The method comprises the following steps: supplementing light with radiation of a red-light LED light source for a tomato plant at night, wherein the red light intensity is 10-50 mumol ms. The method disclosed by the invention is characterized in that light supplementation of the plant is realized through methods such as the LED which sends out the red light at night so as to induce tomato iron to absorb FER expression of related genes and enhance the enzyme activity of FCR in a tomato root system and thus enhance the tomato capability of absorbing and utilizing iron in soil and obtain the tomato fruit with the higher iron content. The method disclosed by the invention adopts proper light supplementation at night, increases nutritious quality of the tomato fruit, enables people to obtain more diet iron from vegetables, has high potential application values and provides a molecular mechanism theoretical foundation for increasing the use rate of the iron element in soil and improving the quality of tomato fruits.