Fecha de publicación: 20/08/2013
Fuente: Wipo tomato
PURPOSE: A manufacturing method of a low-salinity tomato soybean paste sauce is provided to manufacture soybean paste for a sauce without a characteristic soybean paste scent by using tomato paste and barley koji. CONSTITUTION: Steamed barley is cooked. Rhizopus oligosporus is inoculated into the steamed barley, cultivated under the condition of 28-32deg.C for 2-4 days, dried and pulverized to manufacture barley koji. After tomato is blanched at 90-110deg.C, the skin is removed and the tomato is concentrated to 60-70 brix° to manufacture tomato paste. 23-27 parts by weight of barley koji, 18-22 parts by weight of tomato paste, 8-12 parts by weight of malt, and 2-4 parts by weight of salt are mixed with 100 parts by weight of pasted soybean, cultured at a room temperature for 2-4 days and fermented at a low temperature of 3-5deg.C for 15-20 days to manufacture low-salinity tomato soybean paste. 18-22 parts by weight of balsamic vinegar, 27-33 parts by weight of apple juice, 18-22 parts by weight of lemon juice, 27-33 parts by weight of pineapple, 27-33 parts by weight of orange juice, 4-6 parts by weight of sugar, 4-6 parts by weight of oligosaccharide and 4-6 parts by weight of white wine are mixed with 100 parts by weight of low-salinity tomato soybean paste and aged. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2013 null [Reference numerals] (A1) Glutinous rice barley; (A2) Soybean; (A3) Tomato; (A4) Malt; (A5) Bay salt; (BB) Heating (1.5 times water, 30 minutes); (CC) Cooling; (DD) Bacillus inoculation (R.oligosporous); (EE) Fermentation (30 °C, 3 days); (FF) Soaking (Room temperature, 20 hours); (GG) High pressure steaming; (HH) Milling; (II) Blanching (100 °C, 20 seconds); (JJ) Remove skin; (KK) Concentrating; (LL) Sieving and removing impurities; (MM) Purification; (N1) Barley koji; (N2) Mashed bean; (N3) Tomato paste; (N4) Skin-removed malt; (N5) Purified bay salt; (OO) Mixing; (PP) Fermentation (Room temperature 3 days, 4 °C 15-20 days); (QQ) Low salinity tomato soybean paste; (RR) Homogenization; (SS) Sauce material adding and mixing; (TT) Low salinity tomato soybean paste sauce; (UU) Packing and refrigerating; (VV) Sauce product