Full-automatic tomato paste making apparatus

Fecha de publicación: 15/05/2020
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention provides a full-automatic tomato paste making apparatus. The making apparatus comprises a combination apparatus, a chopping apparatus, and a stirring grinding apparatus, wherein the chopping apparatus is rotationally installed on the combination apparatus, and the stirring grinding apparatus is fixedly installed on the combination apparatus. According to the making apparatus, a tomato is placed on an upper claw, a cutting knife cuts cross-shaped cuts at two ends of the tomato, then the tomato is placed into a soaking cage, and is soaked with hot water in a soaking tank until thepeel is lifted, then the tomato is transferred to a tomato seat, the peel is peeled off with a peel hook, then the tomato is transferred into the chopping apparatus, the tomato is chopped and poured into the stirring grinding apparatus for squeezing a tomato juice, and then the tomato juice is cooked in a cooking pot until being thick, so that making of a tomato paste is full-automatic, and the labor intensity of people is reduced.