Fermented tomato sauce and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 27/04/2011
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses fermented tomato sauce and a preparation method thereof. The fermented tomato sauce is characterized by comprising 50 to 100 percent of tomato slurry and 0 to 50 percent of syrup or substitute sugar. The preparation method is characterized by comprising the following steps of: crushing and pulping unrotten and fresh tomato serving as a raw material, concentrating in vacuum until the concentration is 0 to 3 times the original concentration, uniformly stirring the components according to the proportion, and sterilizing at the temperature of between 85 and 132 DEG C for 2 seconds to 15 minutes; and cooling the tomato slurry to the temperature of between 20 and 45 DEG C, inoculating lactobacilli to the sterilized and cooled tomato slurry according to a proportion of 10 to 10cfu/mL, fermenting at the temperature of between 25 and 45 DEG C for 24 to 84 hours, and finishing fermentation when the pH value is 2.5 to 4.0. The method has the advantages that: (1) natural soft sourness can be produced, and annual fleabane herb flavor in the tomato is effectively removed; (2) through lactobacillus fermentation, the content of amino acid in the tomato can be improved by over 20 percent, the content of flavor substances in the tomato can be improved by over 30 percent, and the flavor and mouthfeel of a product are effectively improved; (3) nutritional ingredients in the tomato raw material, such as vitamins, dietary fibers and the like, are fully kept; and (4) the shelf life of food is prolonged, and the food is prevented from being rotted.