Extraction method of lycopene and special diet tomato nutrition powder

Fecha de publicación: 15/12/2017
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention relates to an extraction method of lycopene and special diet tomato nutrition powder. A method for obtaining lycopene through enzymolysis and ultrasonic countercurrent extraction, suitable for industrialized production, is adopted, dregs and juice after the lycopene is extracted are used as raw materials, tomato powder is prepared by a microwave vacuum drying technique, the tomato powder is used as the raw material, and soybean protein, dairy products and a micronutrient strengthening agent are used as auxiliary materials. The special diet tomato nutrition powder has the functions of resisting oxidation, preventing cancer, resisting cancer, improving immunity, delaying aging, protecting skin, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and preventing prostatitis, and a special diet tomato nutrition powder product suitable for various special crowds to eat can be developed. The extraction technology is adopted, so that the extraction time is shortened, the extraction yield is increased, and the extraction rate of the lycopene achieves 5-15%. A raw material resource is provided for the development of new products based on the lycopene, and besides, the tomato powder can be used as food ingredients to be applied to the special diet nutritive powder; and the dregs and the juice are comprehensively used, environmental pollution is avoided, besides, nutrient loss of the raw materials is also reduced, and the added value of the products is increased.