Cultivation method for tomato stocks universal for tomato and eggplant grafting

Fecha de publicación: 27/08/2021
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention provides a cultivation method for tomato stocks universal for tomato and eggplant grafting, and belongs to the technical field of plant grafting. The cultivation method comprises the following steps of amplifying genome DNA of tomato germplasm resources by using molecular marker primers of tomato resistance genes, and screening a homozygote high-generation material comprising more than two resistance genes from the tomato germplasm resources as a resistance parent; hybridizing the obtained resistance parent with the tomato high-generation material to obtain a first-filial generation; planting the first-filial generation, and measuring the hypocotyl length and root weight of the first-filial generation; identifying the resistance of the first-filial generation by using molecular markers of the tomato resistance genes; taking the first-filial generation as stocks, respectively taking tomatoes and eggplants as scions for grafting to obtain grafted seedlings, and counting the grafting survival rates; cultivating the grafted seedlings, and checking the disease infection conditions of root systems of the grafted seedlings; and selecting plants with resistance and good grafting affinity as the tomato stocks. The stocks cultivated by the method are vigorous in growth vigor, developed in root system and resistant to plant diseases and insect pests.