Fecha de publicación: 02/08/2007
Fuente: Wipo tomato
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a non-sweet carbonated tomato alcoholic beverage having a vivid color tone of a tomato, suitable for replenishing healthy ingredients such as GABA (-aminobutyric acid) and enjoying the pleasure without deteriorating tasting ingredients or the healthy ingredients contained in the tomato and the vivid color tone of the tomato and without causing precipitation and boiling over of bubbles.SOLUTION: The carbonated tomato alcoholic beverage is obtained by sealing gaseous carbon dioxide in a beverage liquid prepared by mixing a transparent tomato fruit juice free of insoluble ingredients. Furthermore, the carbonated tomato alcoholic beverage to which a tomato pigment preparation is added is prepared. The transparent tomato fruit juice is obtained by removing the insoluble ingredients such as pulpy substances having 0.1 m particle diameter and the tomato pigment preparation is lycopene derived from the tomato fruit. Thereby, the non-sweet alcoholic beverage intactly containing the healthy ingredients and tasting ingredients essentially contained in the tomato itself and having strong Umami of the tomato without a feeling of dullness and turbidity is provided.COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT