Bifidobacterium tomato vinegar and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 29/05/2018
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention belongs to the technical field of microbial fermentation, and relates to bifidobacterium tomato vinegar and a preparation method thereof. The bifidobacterium tomato vinegar provided by the invention contains 1.5*10-2.5*10/ml of bifidobacteria and 2.0*10-3.0*10/ml of acetobacter aceti; the total acidity of the bifidobacterium tomato vinegar is 25-30g/L; the pH value ofthe bifidobacterium tomato vinegar is 3.5-4.5; and the bifidobacterium tomato vinegar is free from coliform bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. The preparation method of the bifidobacterium tomato vinegar comprises the following steps: conducting intermittent sterilization on 2L of a tomato culture medium in a sterilizing pot; cooling 1L of the tomato culture medium to 60-70 DEG C, inoculating thetomato culture medium with the acetobacter aceti, and conducting fermentation; cooling the rest 1L of the tomato culture medium, inoculating the tomato culture medium with the bifidobacteria and promoting proliferation; blending bifidobacterium proliferation liquid and acetobacter aceti fermentation liquid at the ratio of 1: 1 and conducting symbiotic fermentation; and filtering fermentation liquid in a sterile environment, and preserving the filtered fermentation liquid in a sealed mode at a low temperature of 1-4 DEG C. The invention aims at producing the functional bifidobacterium tomato vinegar which integrates nutrition and physiological functions of bifidobacteria, tomatoes and vinegar, and with the application of the bifidobacterium tomato vinegar, the development and utilization oftomato resource can be enhanced; and the preparation method, without implementing an alcoholic fermentation stage, can directly carry out an acetic fermentation stage, so that a production process issimplified.