Application of tomato SlMPK20 gene in creating tomato genic male sterile line

Fecha de publicación: 28/09/2018
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses an application of a tomato SlMPK20 gene in creating a tomato genic male sterile line. The tomato SlMPK20 is subjected to fixed-point knockout via a CRISPR/Cas9 knockout system,so that a tomato transgenic line undergoing SlMPK20 gene specific knockout is obtained; by implementing the SlMPK20 knockout, complete abortion of pollen grains is caused, and just a few of parthenocarpic fruits are formed; however, the SlMPK20 knockout has no obvious influence to vegetative growth of plants and development of female reproductive organs; and the SlMPK20 can specially act to a development process of tomato anthers. The tomato genic male sterile line, which is created through the SlMPK20 knockout, can achieve an infertility rate of 100%; and based upon genetic analysis, it is indicated that the tomato genic male sterile line belongs to recessive genic male sterility, and the genic male sterile line can be propagated by taking corresponding wild-type tomatoes as a maintainerline. The sterile line, which is free from transgenic ingredients, can be obtained through offspring screening. The sterile line can hybridize with a great amount of tomato breeding materials (a restorer line), so that the first generation of hybrid can be obtained. With the application of the method provided by the invention, sterile traits can be rapidly led into normal tomato breeding materials; therefore, a broad application prospect is achieved in tomato cross-breeding.