AMITOM crop update as of 19 January 2024

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January 25, 2024

AMITOM crop update as of 19 January 2024


 The current estimate is to process about 40,000 tonnes. 


In 2024, the same volume of 600,000 tonnes as in 2023 is expected. Now it is the peak of the winter crop with tomatoes coming from the deep south of Egypt.


It is still early, but intentions are to process about 190,000 tonnes in 2024, up from 160,000 tonnes in 2023. 


The current estimate is that production could increase to 480,000 tonnes, 10% more than last year’s intention of 440,000 tonnes (final production was reduced to 390,000 tonnes). Surfaces could increase mainly in the centre/north as competitive crops are not as profitable as tomatoes while remaining stable in the south. 


The intention is to process 120,000 tonnes in 2024. Farmers are keen to plant tomatoes as competitive crops (corn, sunflowers, …) are not as profitable currently. One of the main goals is to develop the irrigation system in the growing region.


Production may be reduced slightly to maybe 1.9 million tonnes, from an estimated 2 million tonnes in 2023. There has been little rain this winter and there may be water issues, although there are water reserves and no restrictions at the moment, water availability could become an issue in the middle term.  


The current estimate is 5.6 million tonnes, the same as last year’s initial forecast (final production was 5.4 million tonnes). Farmers are very keen to plant tomatoes, but processors want to limit production due to market conditions.   


Discussions with growers have just started so it is very early to forecast but production should remain at about 1.4 million tonnes.  

Russia (temporarily out of association)

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The conditions are difficult due to the current water situation. There is no water in Andalusia so a question mark over the number of hectares which will be planted in the region. In Extremadura, the water situation is worse than last year and there are question marks over the water allocation to farmers.  It is too early to give a precise forecast, but production could be down to about 2.3 million tonnes. 


At 18/01/2024, the overall stock at the dams was 762 million m3 compared with 632 million m3 at the same date last year, i.e. 32% of storage capacity.  Given this situation, and despite the slight improvement compared with the same period last year, water stocks remain limited, so it is possible to achieve the same results as last year in terms of production and processing (774,000 tonnes processed for 11,150 ha planted). So far, initial estimates of the area planted remain unchanged from last year at around 12,000 hectares, but it is too early to give a volume forecast. Planting will start in mid-February and finish in mid-June.


Farmers are again this year keen to plant tomatoes as competing crops let them down in 2023 so the forecast remains stable at 2.7 million tonnes. 


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