WPTC crop update as of 9 June 2024 

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AMITOM & WPTC members met in Budapest on 9 June before the start of the 15th World Processing Tomato Congress to discuss the latest world production estimate which now stands at 47.2 million tonnes, 6% more than 2023 final volume.  

Amitom countries


Planting started ten to fifteen days early on 10 April and ended on 10 June when it normally ends at the end of the month. There are some small issues with Alternaria due to high humidity and some weeds, but the season looks promising. The forecast remains 44,000 tonnes.


Temperatures reached 40-41°C already last week but the summer crop looks promising, and the 2024 forecast remains 780,000 tonnes.


The weather has been difficult during all the spring with an alternance of cold, rain, wind, so plants are developing slowly, and some late blight is appearing. Planting operations are late and should only finish around 15-20 June, leading to a late start and harvesting expected into October. The forecast volume is reduced to about 170,000 tonnes. 


The weather has been very nice and warm, so plants are developing very well, and an early start is expected. Surfaces are up 10% and the forecast increased to 500,000 tonnes.


The spring has generally been dry but there was 100 mm of rain last week, causing the loss of about 1% of the surface. The forecast remains 125,000 tonnes.


No data


In the North, as in France the spring has been cold and wet leading to delays in planting, which should finish next week. Some areas were flooded but the OPs are still assessing damages. The forecast is consequently reduced by about 100,000 tonnes to 2.9 million tonnes maximum.In the South, conditions have been better than last year with a normal season to date. Surfaces are reduced in Puglia due to a reduction in water availability, but they are compensated in other areas. The forecast is about 2.6 million tonnes.  The total expectation for Italy is 5.5 million tonnes.


Weather conditions have been good to date with some hot days. The forecast remains 1.5 million tonnes.  

Russia (temporarily out of organization)

Based on the surface planted – around 7500 ha in Astrakhan, Volgograd and Nalchik regions, 650.000 tonnes of tomatoes should be processed. The weather at the beginning of the season presented a “cold stress” (frosts that took place in the first decade of May). In the coming weeks, it will be clear what effect it will have on the timing of ripening and harvesting, the quality and volume of the harvest.


There is more water available than last year so surfaces have been increased although it is possible than some will not be planted. Planting started seven to nine days late but finished on 1st June. The forecast is now 2.8 million tonnes. 


No new data


The surfaces are similar to last year and planting was smooth and on time. Some cold weather slowed growth in the north, but the high current temperatures should enable to close the gap. Harvest should be earlier than last year with some bunching expected in the middle of the harvest. The forecast remains 2.7 million tonnes.


No new data

Other WPTC countries in the Northern Hemisphere


The season so far has been good, and the harvest should start on schedule. The forecast remains as per the official NASS release of 10.433 million metric tonnes. 


Planting is slightly lower than last year with a wet start and some challenges in the field. The forecast is 509,000 metric tonnes. 


The planting is finished with a total surface of 102,000 hectares. The weather has been good so far and the crop is about seven to ten days early. The forecast remains 11 million tonnes. 


No issue so far. The forecast remains 27,000 tonnes 

Other WPTC countries in the Southern Hemisphere


The 16 companies processed 631,000 tonnes during the season. 


After a good planting season, rains and storms for about three weeks during the Christmas period reduced the production by about 20% to a final 210,000 tonnes. 


No new data


AThe end of the season was affected by rains so the harvest finish late, in early May with only about 1.3 million tonnes, instead of the expected 1.4 million tonnes.


It was a good season with a final production of 150,000 tonnes, as per plans. 

South Africa

South Africa planned a 160,000-tonne harvest for the 2024 season and the volumes keep on schedule. To date 73,000 tonnes have been processed. The summer production ended well on scheduled volumes in the Western Cape. The winter crop started, and the producers mainly battle with Tuta control and viral infestations in the northern production areas.

Non member countries

US states outside California

Planting is right on track for Midwest production and volume is similar to previous years, at about 475,000 metric tonnes. 

New zealand

Cedenco have paused their tomato production and are focusing on making a range of powder products, so only Heinz Watties currently process tomatoes in New Zealand. In 2024, the factory nearly reached full capacity with 39,000 tonnes. Yields have improved over the years and reached 114 paid tonnes per hectare for the season.

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