Almond Board Leads the Way to Marketing Almonds

Fecha de publicación: 09/10/2020
Fuente: California Agriculture Today
Marketing the 2020 3 Billion-Pound Almond Crop
By Patrick Cavanaugh, with the Ag Information Network
Leading the charge in moving that big crop globally is the Almond Board of California. And their mission is to expand the global consumption of California almonds. Through leadership and strategic market development, innovative research, and the accelerated adoption of industry best standards.
Ron Fisher is the founder, CEO, and President of Fisher Nut Company based in the Modesto area. And he’s active with the Almond Board. In fact, this year he’s Alternate Position One as an Independent Handler
“The Almond Board looks at it from a long-range perspective. While we have challenges that are more short-range, it’s always been a longer-range forecast, three to five-plus years,” said Fisher “And so with the investment that we’ve made in the Almond Board board, we continue to develop and grow markets, reputation management, some of the other things that are going to continue the consumption of our product worldwide.”
“So while we’re doing that constantly year after year, we’re also looking at quick help type methodology to move our product. And so those will be our discussions throughout our committees and on the board over the coming months,” Fisher said.
In more almond news… growers need to be aware that band-canker infections continue to increase on the vigorous young orchard. Infected branches should be removed from the almond orchard in order to reduce surviving inoculum.
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