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jue, 9 feb 2023

The European CBD Market: What Are the Key Barriers to Growth?

The European CBD market is forecast to grow to €2.6 billion and the number of CBD users across the continent is set to hit 50 million by 2026, as highlighted in our recently published [...]

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jue, 2 feb 2023

AVAILABLE NOW | The European CBD Report: Health & Wellness 

Prohibition Partners are proud to launch The European CBD Report: Health & Wellness. This report will bring you up to speed on current legislation, regulations, the supply chain, consumer [...]

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lun, 16 ene 2023

Expert Interview: Boris Moshkovits, Co-Founder and Managing Director of alephSana

alephSana is a European pharmaceutical wholesale, distribution and marketing company, established in Berlin in 2019. Ever since, alephSana has been pursuing the mission to provide patients [...]

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jue, 29 dic 2022

Expert Interview: Susanne Caspar, Chief Executive Officer, Linnea

Susanne Caspar has spent twenty-eight years in the pharmaceutical industry in both OTC and ethical areas, and now seeks out new high-growth opportunities in the cannabis and CBD categories [...]

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jue, 8 dic 2022

Global Cannabis Sales Could Be Worth More Than US$101 Billion by 2026

Prohibition Partners estimates that, in 2022, the global sales of CBD, medical and adult-use cannabis amounted to US$45 billion and could be worth more than US$101 billion by 2026.  The [...]

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jue, 8 dic 2022

The Global Cannabis Report 3rd Edition: An Overview 

Prohibition Partners are proud to launch The Global Cannabis Report: 3rd Edition. This report provides an overview of the development of cannabis markets at the international level and [...]

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vie, 18 nov 2022

Thailand Shapes its Newly Legal Cannabis Industry with Latest Restrictions

In June of this year Thailand decriminalised cannabis almost overnight. With the intentions of sparking a new industry and economic power for the country, little regulation was set out [...]

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jue, 20 oct 2022

Medical Cannabis Takes a Backwards Step In Brazil

By Anita Krepp Medical regulatory body bans THC prescriptions, restricts CBD to only two pathologies and censors doctors, who are now banned from holding courses and conferences on [...]

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mié, 28 sep 2022

Paraguay Reigns Over the Latin American Hemp Market

By Anita Krepp The largest producer and exporter of hemp in Latin America, Paraguay is an example to neighbouring countries of public-private partnerships for the industry’s development One [...]

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mié, 21 sep 2022

Cannabis Leaders and Politicians Come Together Ahead of New York’s Adult-Use Market Launch and Amid Delays

More than 400 influential leaders will convene to discuss New York’s revolutionary cannabis framework as more states prepare to legalize cannabis this election season  Business [...]

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