Fecha de publicación: 03/06/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
Solvent-based methods for the extraction and concentration of cannabinoids and other target compounds from large-scale harvests of cannabis and hemp crops. Select portions of cannabis or hemp plants are harvested, ground to a desired particle size and ultimately powderized where the powder is mixed with a solvent, preferably ethanol or water, to form a slurry that is subjected to at least two, and preferably five or more separate inverting filter centrifugation steps until cannabinoid extraction is maximized. The filtrate from the first inverting centrifugation step is isolated and purified to derive an extract whereas the powderized filtride is subjected to further centrifugation steps. Fresh solvent is introduced at the last inverting centrifugation step and subsequently used upstream in sequentially-earlier centrifugation steps until ultimately utilized in a first inverting filter centrifugation step.