Earth plant compostable biodegradable substrate and method of producing the same

Fecha de publicación: 05/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
An earth plant-based compostable biodegradable composition for the formation of a bioplastic and method of producing said resin, the composition comprising: about 17.5 to 45% ethanol-based green polyethylene by weight, about 20 to 25% calcium carbonate by weight, about 2 to 12% hemp hurd or soy protein by weight, about 32 to 45% thermoplastic starch by weight, and about 0.5 to 1% biodegradation additive by weight to enable biodegradation and composting of the bioplastic; wherein the composition is produced by first mill grinding the ethanol-based green polyethylene, calcium carbonate, hemp hurd or soy protein, thermoplastic starch and the biodegradation additive into fine powders, then mechanically mixing the fine powders one by one into a final mixture for about 5-25 minutes at a time, dry and without heat, and then heating the final mixture to about 220- to 360-degrees Fahrenheit.