Ohio Regulators Issue Medical Cannabis Product Recall

Fecha de publicación: 08/12/2022
Fuente: Hempgrower
The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) issued a voluntary product recall Dec. 6 for medical cannabis that did not pass all required testing.The affected plant material was produced and sold to dispensaries by Green Investment Partners (GIP), who initiated the recall and reported to MMCP that certain batches of cannabis did not pass all state-mandated testing for yeast and mold before they were distributed for sale to patients.The MMCP has launched an investigation and will issue an executive summary when the investigation concludes.The affected plant material, intended for vaporization, was sold under the product name Tangie Power from Nov. 29 to present. The affected product IDs and batch numbers, as well as the dispensaries where they were sold, are as follows:Product ID:M00000280205: Tier 2 Vap - Hybrid - 23.3 - 0 - Tangie Power - 2.83M00000280207: Tier 2 Vap - Hybrid - 23.3 - 0 - Tangie Power - 14.15Affected Batches:1A407010000300D0000133611A407010000300D000013362Affected Product Sold at the Following Dispensaries:MMD.0700063 - Sunnyside CincinnatiMMD.0700061 - Sunnyside NewarkMMD.0700002 - Sunnyside WintersvilleMMD.0700062 - Sunnyside MarionMMD.0700036 - Verdant Creations ColumbusMMD.0700093 - Ethos Ohio (formerly About Wellness Ohio) LebanonMMD.0700046 - Pure Ohio Wellness DaytonThe MMCP has not received any reports of adverse reactions from consuming the affected products, but regulators advise patients who have the products to stop using them and return them to the dispensary where they were purchased.