The Pharmaceutical Cannabis Report: 3rd Edition Now Available to Pre-Order

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Prohibition Partners are pleased to announce that The Pharmaceutical Cannabis Report: 3rd Edition is now available to pre-order, prior to publication next month. 
The report, co-authored in collaboration with Cannabiscientia, gives a clear and detailed account of all activity involving cannabis and cannabinoids in the landscape of pharmaceutical medicine at a global level. 
A market-sizing forecast for the global pharmaceutical cannabis industry for the period 2023–2027 is presented, with accompanying commentary, and a short analysis of the recent M&A activity and research funding activity relevant to the sector is included.
Discussion of the topics covered is informed and supported by extensive data produced during research for the report. Throughout the main sections, this data is visualised in order to provide evidence and clarification to analysis. 
Whenever possible, context is provided to explain the factors that have brought about the current circumstances in the relevant sphere of activity, and what constraints face those operating within it. Recent developments and trends are highlighted in order to draw attention to the most significant dynamics in each area.
The report examines: 

Market forecasts and estimates of pharmaceutical sales of Epidyolex, Sativex and dronabinol (2023-2027)
Segmentation analysis across emerging and mature markets
Healthcare analysis examining the conditions being targeted
Insights into current and future clinical trials and academic studies
M&A activity and research funding activity 
Patents and innovation analysis.

The report is now available to pre-order and comes with an exclusive 15% pre-sale discount. This discount also extends to the additional packages available alongside the report, including the Clinical Trials Database and Patent Portfolio (see below for more information). 
Key Findings

Global sales within the pharmaceutical cannabis industry are estimated to reach approximately US$1.11 billion in 2023, with projected growth to US$1.37 billion by 2027.
Epidiolex (Epidyolex in Europe) is the dominant player in the market, with an estimated market share of around 76% projected for 2023.
In the pharmaceutical cannabis industry, the only drug to generate significant sales (of approximately €160 million annually) apart from Epidiolex and Sativex is dronabinol.
There is growing interest in research around non-cannabinoid compounds targeting the endocannabinoid system. Jazz Pharmaceuticals dominated the patent landscape for the medical application of cannabinoids, and has a patent portfolio which dwarfs that of any other company involved in patenting activity around the medical application of cannabinoids.
CBD and THC are still seeing the majority of patent activity versus other cannabinoids, as they have historically. A large amount of activity is also focused on cannabinoids and compounds that are closely related to these cannabinoids, for example CBDV, THCV, CBDA, and relevant prodrugs and analogues.
There is a wide variation in the costs associated with each stage of the clinical trials process, but even at the lowest end, bringing a medicine to the market is going to cost US$20 million or more.
Pharmaceutical cannabis sales are concentrated in two regions globally – North America and Europe. Within these regions, sales are not evenly distributed but are concentrated in key markets.

Data Packages
There are additional data and insight packages available alongside the report, which provide specialist information, data and analysis to help connect with the industry, make smarter decisions, maximise marketing impact and improve business performance.
Clinical Trials Database
This is a comprehensive list of clinical trials involving cannabis and cannabinoids taking place since 2010. The total number of clinical trials contained in the dataset is 440. For each clinical trial listed, the following information is given:

NCT Number
Study Title
Study URL (
Study Status
Primary Condition
Type of Pain (Pain Only)
Conditions (Extended)
Treatment Used:

CBD Only (yes/no)
THC Only (yes/no)
Both THC + CBD (yes/no)
Epidiolex (yes/no)
Sativex (yes/no)
Dronabinol (yes/no)
Nabilone (yes/no)

Primary Outcome Measures
Study Type
Start Date

Patent Portfolio 
This is a comprehensive review of the patent portfolios of Jazz Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (split into those held by GW Research Ltd., and those held by GW Pharmaceuticals Ltd.), and of six other leading companies involved in patenting activity for the medical application of cannabis and cannabinoids.
The dataset consists of unique patent families or “novel inventions” – meaning the same patent filed in multiple locations or at different times. The date shown is that at which the first patent in each patent family is believed to have been applied for. There are no URLs or links to the patents included in the dataset.
Key terms related to these patents were extrapolated from analysing their content, and in each case, the terms which are relevant to each individual patent family are marked. Examples of key terms include:

CBD Analogue
Manufacturing Methodology
Novel Compound
Brain Injury

The total number of individual patent families analysed in the dataset is 774.
For more information and to pre-order The Pharmaceutical Cannabis Report: 3rd Edition, click here. The exclusive 15% pre-sale discount is valid until Monday 24th July. Discount is automatically applied at checkout.
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