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Fecha de publicación: 31/01/2024
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Prohibition Partners are proud to announce the publication of The Israeli Cannabis Report. 

This report delves into the intricate journey of Israel’s cannabis sector, tracing its roots from groundbreaking research in the 1960s to its current status as a global leader in medical cannabis. 

The evolution of the medical cannabis industry in Israel presents a distinctive narrative marked by pioneering scientific breakthroughs, progressive regulatory frameworks, and a dynamic market landscape. 

Over the years, Israel has navigated a complex web of legislative, medical, and commercial challenges, emerging as a testament to the potential of regulated cannabis industries worldwide. The country’s approach, characterised by robust scientific research, stringent yet adaptive regulatory mechanisms, and an unwavering commitment to patient welfare, has paved the way for significant advancements in both the medical application and global perception of cannabis.

In this report, we explore these developments in detail, providing insights into the various factors that have shaped Israel’s journey in the realm of medical cannabis. The report provides insights on (but not limited to): 

Regulatory Reform: A set of reforms planned this year will see a transformation in Israel’s medical cannabis environment.

???? Patient Access: As of December 2023, Israel has the highest rate per capita of any country in the world – with significant growth in patient population anticipated this year. 

???? Competitor & Product Landscape: An overview of the cannabis ecosystem in Israel, leading players and available medical cannabis products. 

???? Future Outlook: Israel’s Ministry of Health has led a transformative journey to overhaul the country’s mandatory healthcare system. What are the next steps?

As highlighted in the report, it is clear that Israel’s journey in the medical cannabis sector, underpinned by data-driven strategies and innovation, sets a global benchmark. With over 137,940 licensed patients by 2023 and a significant increase in exports and product diversity, the country exemplifies the power of integrating research and patient needs into policy and market dynamics.

The upcoming prescription model reforms in 2024 are poised to transform patient access, potentially doubling patient numbers. These reforms, aligning with global trends and regulatory shifts, are anticipated to streamline processes, reduce economic burdens, and increase patient trust and acceptance. Key to Israel’s future trajectory is its commitment to EU-GMP compliance, crucial for penetrating the European market, especially the burgeoning German sector. This strategic alignment extends beyond regulatory compliance, positioning Israeli companies at the forefront of the global cannabis market. 

Innovation remains a cornerstone of Israel’s cannabis industry. Cutting-edge research and development, propelled by government support and private investment, forecast a future rich in novel products and therapeutic applications. Advanced inhaler technologies and nanotech-based formulations, will signal a new era in cannabis consumption and treatment methodologies. 

Israel’s cannabis sector is poised for sustained growth and global integration. Its analytical approach to policy making, commitment to research, and adaptive regulatory framework not only ensure its continued leadership in medical cannabis but also its influential role in shaping global cannabis research and commerce.


Available alongside the report is a paid-for product dataset, available to purchase via our website. This product dataset includes information on almost 1000 products (638 Flower products, 192 Oil products & 15 Pre-Roll products). Product data on Flowers, Oils and Pre-Rolls, the following information is included: Price, Characterisation, Marketer, THC % (High, Low, Average), CBD % (High, Low, Average), Series, Brand and Manufacturing Country.

The dataset also includes The dataset also includes market sizing and patient population forecasts (2023-2027) for the Israeli market.

The Israeli Cannabis Report is now available to download for free via our website. Download your free copy here.
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