Fecha de publicación: 21/02/2017
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
FIELD: food industry.
SUBSTANCE: invention refers to food industry and can be used for manufacturing various food products. Universal unit for food products manufacture includes at least two lines for food products manufacture and is placed on a common base having the means for food products conveying in the sequence required to perform the process, and food products processing modules. The modules are used for mixing liquid and medium viscosity food masses, forming medium viscosity masses, liquid mass dosage, forming solid viscosity masses; food products structuring, cooling and drying; food products baking, food products enrobing. The modules are configured to enable quick dismantlement, movement along common base guides and connection to common control means. The control means via a computer provides for modules detection in positions and synchronization of their movement. The food products processing modules are designed so that to enable operation pitch synchronisation. The end replacement mechanisms for food mass moulding, such as nozzles for food mass depositing, nozzles for waterjet cutting of food mass, spouts for food mass dosaging are placed at equal distances which, during co-operation with the moulded food mass levelling mechanism, ensures exact alignment of moulded food mass to its further treatment positions.
EFFECT: use of the invention allows for installation quick and easy reconfiguration and operation, and also to extend the manufactured food product range.
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