Three-dimensional brewing type packaging bag for formula food for special medical purpose

Fecha de publicación: 10/05/2022
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The utility model relates to a three-dimensional brewing type packaging bag for formula food for special medical purposes, which comprises a food bag, a lower bottle opening and an upper bottle cap, the lower bottle opening is fixed at the upper end of the food bag, the upper bottle cap is detachably connected onto the lower bottle opening, two side surfaces and the bottom surface of the food bag are foldable folding surfaces, and the food bag is provided with an opening. At least the bottoms of the two side faces are provided with a set of supporting strips, and the upper bottle cap is provided with a one-way valve. The hardness of the supporting strips is enough to open the side face of the food bag, and the food bag can still be kept in the unfolded three-dimensional state when subjected to a certain degree of external force through the clamped tenon-and-mortise matching structure. And the one-way valve arranged at the upper bottle cap only allows fluid in the food bag to flow out, so that bucking can be avoided, and the liquid food bag is more suitable for bedridden patients to eat liquid food. After water is injected into the food bag through the lower bottle opening, the food bag is covered with the upper bottle cover, then the food bag is shaken, water in the food bag can be evenly mixed with the powdery formula food, and other tools do not need to be used for stirring.