Fecha de publicación: 16/01/2014
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The present invention provides a system and method for providing food information by using the internet. According to the present invention, consumers who buy food may more easily and accurately obtain food information including information on nutrients and ingredients, and food suppliers may continuously provide updated information on food and also promote food to the consumers. Thus, the present invention may benefit both the food consumers and the food suppliers. The system for providing food information by using the internet according to the present invention includes: a food consumer terminal that inputs information on food to be searched; and a food information management server that receives information on food input from the food consumer terminal, shows a food information list on a screen and manages the registration of the food information list. On the other hand, the system further includes a food supplier terminal that transmits typical food information or new forms of food information to the food information management server. Also, the food information management server includes a food information management unit managing food information, and a food information searching unit searching for a food information list by using input food information. In addition, the food information management server further includes a consumer information management unit that includes information on consumers including food consumers and food suppliers. Further, the food information management server also includes a payment information management unit that manages payment information including food purchase costs from the food information list.