Fecha de publicación: 08/09/2020
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
FIELD: food industry.
SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the food industry. System for production of a liquid food product with polyunsaturated fatty acids, including an apparatus comprising: pressurized vessel comprising a channel at the bottom for liquid and a side inlet capable of operating to produce gas or liquid, and a funnel comprising an upper opening, a leg and one or more gas outlets. Funnel passes through the upper hole in the pressurized container, and the funnel leg passes at least in half into the inner part of the pressurized container. System further comprises a transfer line and a metering tank, wherein the fluid passage at the bottom is hydraulically connected to the transport line, the transfer line is in fluid communication with the dosing container, and the dosing container functions to maintain a certain volume of the liquid food product, and also contains an oil distributing device connected to the pressure supply container between the channel at the liquid bottom and the transport line, wherein said oil distributor functions to distribute oil from pressure vessel in flow of liquid food product from dosing tank. System further comprises a built-in shear force mixer configured to receive a stream of distributed oil from the transfer line; mixing the liquid food product and oil, creating a mixture of oil in the liquid food product; unloading the oil mixture in the liquid food product into a dosing container. Dispensing container comprises mixers functioning to mix a certain volume of liquid food product with mixture of oil in liquid food product, and additionally comprises one or more valves between the pressurized container and the inert gas container, functioning to control a certain volume of inert gas in the pressurized container; wherein the channel at the pressure vessel bottom for the pressurized feed vessel operates to transport the inert gas from the container with the inert gas into the pressure feed container; wherein side inlet of pressurized container operates to transport inert gas from container with inert gas into pressure feed container. Method for production of a liquid food product with polyunsaturated fatty acids, including application of system 1, wherein: oil is in the container for supply under pressure, and the liquid food product is in the dosing container. Method comprises: placing the funnel into the upper opening of the pressurized container so that the funnel leg is placed at least halfway into the inner part of the pressurized container; blowing container for supply under pressure of inert gas through channel at bottom for liquid supply container under pressure before concentration of oxygen in pressurized container is not 2 % or less; transportation of oil into pressure feed vessel through funnel; maintaining inert gas flow in pressure vessel through side inlet of pressurized container so that oxygen concentration remains equal to 2 % or less; and distribution of oil from container for supply under pressure in flow of liquid food product. Oil is supplied from pressure vessel into liquid product flow at preset ratio of oil to liquid food product is 1 pound of oil per 100 gallons of liquid food product.
EFFECT: disclosed are a system and a method of mixing polyunsaturated fatty acids and a liquid food product.
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