Fecha de publicación: 12/12/2013
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The present invention relates to a small food storage container. The small food storage container of the present invention comprises: a food storage container having the shape of a container capable of storing gelled food inside and comprises a food storage space of which the shape is altered and restored by external pressure; a food charge body which is detachable from the food storage container, has a curved cylindrical shape having open upper and lower portions, comprises one or more air inlets communicating the inside and the outside formed along the circumference, and has a food charge space in which food is charged inside through communication with the food storage space; and a food switch which is inserted into the food charge body, has the shape of a stacked dish, divides the food storage space and the food charge space, and has a structure enabled to switch between the suction/discharge pressure of air. When the food storage space is contracted by external pressure, the food switch blocks the inflow of external air by discharge pressure generated by the food storage space and moves the food stored at the food storage space to the storage charge space, and when the food storage space is restored to an original state, the food switch allows external air to flow into the food storage space by suction pressure generated at the food storage space and seals the food charge space.