Refrigerator food material input management method, device and system

Fecha de publicación: 25/02/2020
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention provides a refrigerator food material input management method, device and system. The method includes: enabling a server to monitor whether the action of putting the food materials intothe refrigerator exists in the video stream sent by the refrigerator or not; if so, recording food material input information of the food material when identification succeeds, and determining a foodmaterial image of the food material from the video stream when identification fails; based on all the identified food materials, determining food material input success reward information and sendingthe food material input success reward information to the refrigerator; determining a food material display image including the identified images of the food materials when the refrigerator door is closed from the video stream, correspondingly adding recorded food material input information, obtaining a food material input display image, and sending the food material input display image to the refrigerator; and when the food materials failing to be recognized exist, generating recognition failure notification information including the determined food material images and sending the recognitionfailure notification information to the refrigerator. No award is awarded when the food material identification fails, so that after the user knows the food material which fails to be identified, thefood material can be placed again after the food material package is removed, and accurate identification of the refrigerator food material is facilitated.