Pet food box convenient to clean

Fecha de publicación: 11/08/2020
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The utility model provides a pet food box convenient to clean. A pet food box relates to the field of pet food boxes and comprises a mounting seat, a placement groove is formed in the center of the top of the mounting seat, a food tray is embedded in the placement groove, clamping grooves are vertically formed in the top of the mounting seat close to the edges of two ends, clamping blocks are welded to the bottoms of the edges of the food tray, and grooves are horizontally formed in the centers of the inner surface walls of the clamping grooves. According to the utility model, the food tray isclamped in a placement groove formed in the center of the top of the mounting base through a clamping block; a clamping block is arranged, so that the food tray is convenient to disassemble and clean; a collecting disc is attracted to the bottom of the mounting base through a bronze drum magnet. The collecting disc is used for collecting the dog food scattered in the food disc; the pet food box has the advantages that food waste is avoided, the sound production air bag is arranged at the bottom of the food disc, the sound inducing function is achieved by pressing the collecting disc, the sucker is embedded in the bottom of the first shell, the sucker fixes the whole food box, the food box is prevented from moving in the using process, and therefore dogs can find food well.