Pet feeding device

Fecha de publicación: 19/04/2017
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The utility model provides a pet feeding device, includes that the food storage jar body and food puts in the board, the food storage jar body is equipped with the food export, food put in the board including set up in the internal food baffle of food storage jar with stretch out the food export feed the food footboard. The one end that the board was put in to food is equipped with food input board slewing mechanism, and the inner wall of the food storage jar body is equipped with food input board and rotates supporting mechanism, and food input board slewing mechanism rotationally fixes on board rotation supporting mechanism is put in to food. The below of food baffle is equipped with puts in make progress jack -up and make and feed the spring of eating the footboard and sealing the food export of board with food. The pet feeds and eats the basin is disposed under the food input board. When feed eating the footboard under stepping on, the food baffle can form the passageway that has a down dip, be convenient for fall under the food pet feed eat the basin in, production simultaneously shakes, can become flexible the internal food of food storage jar. This pet feeding device feed to eat conveniently, controllable, can be quantitative carry the pet to feed food and supply the pet edible in eating the basin, replace the manual work to feed.