Pest-proof feeding device

Fecha de publicación: 20/02/1996
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
A pest-proof feeding device for containing food for an animal and preventing pests such as snails, ants, birds and roaches from scavenging or contaminating the food, while enabling a pet or other animal to access the food. In a preferred embodiment, the pest-proof feeding device is characterized by a generally dome-shaped housing which is divided into a posterior food storage compartment and an anterior food access compartment having a food access opening which is reversibly sealed by a food access panel pivotally mounted on the housing. The housing may be threadably mounted on a food bowl or shaped in one piece and pelletized animal food is loaded in the food storage compartment and food bowl through a threaded opening provided in the apex of the housing. An animal such as a dog or cat accesses the food in the food bowl by pushing against the food access panel to pivot the food access panel from a closed position into the food access compartment. As the animal eats the food, additional food is dispensed by gravity from the food storage compartment into the food bowl. When the animal finishes eating and removes its head from the food bowl, the food access panel returns to the closed, sealing position, preventing entry of pests into the food bowl.