Fecha de publicación: 04/11/2005
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a packaged food in which a food-packaging container packed with sauce and a food is heated by a microwave oven, the sauce is sprinkled on the food and the food is dished up in a tableware without requiring much labor for dishing up hot sauce and a food in a tableware.SOLUTION: The packaged food is obtained by storing a frozen food 1 in the storage part 3 of a food-packaging container 2. The food-packaging container 2 is obtained by molding a plastic sheet into a shape having the storage part 3 to hold a food and is equipped with a closing loop part 6 positioned at the same plane at the opening edge or the outside of the storage part 3. The food-packaging container 2 has the storage part 3 that is molded in depth not to project the frozen food 1 to be stored from the face including the closing loop part 6 and stores the frozen food 1. The food-packaging container 2 is equipped with a recessed part 12 having an opening area smaller than the base 7 of the storage part 3 at the bottom part of the storage part 3 and frozen sauce 11 to be sprinkled on the frozen food 11 is stored in the recessed part 12. The food-packaging container 2 is connected to a lid seal 8 to close an opening part 4 by the lid seal 8.COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI