Fecha de publicación: 08/05/2002
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
PURPOSE: A food transaction method is provided to make a real time connection between food sellers and food suppliers over the internet, and to estimate a food demand volume by analyzing sale information stored at a database.CONSTITUTION: The method comprises steps of a food transaction agent checking if a specific food seller makes a purchase order on foods(2), the food transaction agent checking if there exists ordered foods in a warehouse(4), the food agent delivering the ordered foods to the food seller, specially in the case that the ordered food is a dried sea food(6), the food agent ordering the food, ordered by the food seller, to other food supplier, specially in the case that the ordered food is a live fish(8), the food supplier delivering the ordered food to the food seller(10), the food supplier transmitting delivery specification statement to the food transaction agent(12), and the food transaction agent managing the food stocks for the food sellers(14). A food consumer can access a web site of the food seller over the internet, and can make a purchase order to the food seller.© KIPO 2002