Method for making cooked takeout food and cooked food vending machine

Fecha de publicación: 12/02/2021
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention relates to a method of making cooked takeout food. The method comprises the following steps of performing food storage; transferring food; adding the paste soup; cooking the food; and taking away the food. The invention further relates to a cooked food vending machine which comprises a cabinet. A food storage chamber, a food output chamber which is located above the food storage chamber and separated from the food storage chamber through a partition plate provided with a food transfer window, a food shifting mechanism which is used for conveying fast food boxes into the food output chamber from the food storage chamber through the food transfer window, a heating mechanism is used for heating and cooking food in the fast food box in the output chamber and a liquid adding mechanism which is used for adding soup into the fast food box in the process of transferring the fast food box by the food shifting mechanism are arranged in the cabinet. The method of making the cooked takeout food, the cooked food vending machine and the food storing and cooking all-in-one machine are provided, and the problems that labor is wasted and pollution is prone to being generated due to the fact that the food transferring link is completed separately and manually are solved.