Macromolecular PP material food packaging box with heat preservation function

Fecha de publicación: 07/12/2021
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The utility model relates to the technical field of food packaging, in particular to a polymer PP (polypropylene) material food packaging box with a heat preservation function, which comprises a food packaging box, a food packaging cover is rotatably connected to the rear side of the top of the food packaging box, and a sealing block is fixedly connected to the bottom of the food packaging cover. The top of an inner cavity of the food packaging box is fixedly connected with a sealing ring matched with the sealing block, and a cavity is formed in the food packaging box. In the actual using process, food is placed in the sealed food packaging box, air circulation is reduced, the heat preservation performance of the packaging box is improved, therefore, the taste of the food cannot be affected, the practicability of the food packaging box is improved, and the problems that an existing food packaging box does not have heat preservation performance, and if the food is directly located in circulating air, the food is not prone to falling off are solved. The problems that food goes bad, the freshness of the food is reduced, and the taste of the food is affected are solved.