Fecha de publicación: 30/12/2020
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention relates to a food processing system (100) for preparing an edible mass of a food product starting from a raw food material, the system comprising: - one or a plurality of food containers (20), each one comprising a raw food material in form of dehydrated material and/or paste and/or chunks; - one or a plurality of dispensing and reconstituting chambers (10), each chamber being associated to at least one food container (20), each of the chambers (10) comprising a variable and/or exchangeable reconstitution and deposition device configured for hydrating and/or structuring and/or reconstituting in batches the raw food material provided by the one or more food containers (20) in order to create a homogeneous edible mass of food product, the device being further configured to deposit in-line with a controlled flow the edible mass of food product once prepared. The invention further relates to a method for operating a food processing system (100) as the one described in order to prepare an edible mass of food product starting from raw food material: the information on the kind of raw food material and on its processing is retrived from identification means on the one or more food containers (20) and/or from a connected database, in order to process the raw food material in the one or more of the dispensing and reconstituting chambers (10) according to a certain recipe, acting on the hydration ratio and/or mixing speed and/or mixing time and/or temperature and/or viscosity and/or texture