Holding type food steamer

Fecha de publicación: 17/10/2012
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention discloses a holding type food steamer, which is formed by vertically overlapping a plurality of food steamer bodies, wherein an opening is formed at the top end of each food steamer body; the periphery of the opening raises outward to form a folding edge; a groove is annularly arranged near the periphery at the bottom end of the food steamer body; a snap ring is sleeved on the periphery of the food steamer body, when the snap ring of the food steamer body is placed in the groove, the food steamer body is abutted against the upper part of the folding edge of the food steamer body through the snap ring so as to reach the pattern of overlapped food steamer bodies; when the snap ring is relatively far from the groove and is located at the lower part of the folding edge of the food steamer, the food steamer body can be smoothly held in the inner part of the other food steamer body without the stopping of the snap ring. By the design of arranging the snap ring on the food steamer body, the vertically overlapping and mutually holding functions of the holding type food steamer can be achieved, therefore, the holding type food steamer is simple in structure and low in manufacturing cost; and accordingly, the storage volume of the food steamer is effectively reduced.