Fecha de publicación: 10/05/2019
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
A system for food ordering using quick response codes (QR codes) for restaurants, hotels, cafeterias or canteens is invented in this invention named as HOCA (Hotels and Café). It comprises a process and a model to order food within organization or within hotels and restaurants. The invented system, comprising process and models, for ordering food using QR codes is implemented as mobile and web based applications. In most of the government or private organizations, schools, and colleges the food ordered from outside is not allowed. The delivery person is not allowed in the campus. The employees, staff, or faculty can directly visit the canteens or cafeteria within the campus for enjoying their food or they can make a call to ask for the available food items. It may possible after visit to canteen the food they need is not available. When they make a call it may possible canteen person doesn’t receive their call. In this invention a system, comprising process and models, is invented which allows working people of the organizations to order the food from their workplace canteen or cafeteria that can be delivered at their desk or table itself. Using the invented system staff, employees, faculty or all entities within organization can explore the available food items at their organization’s canteen selects their favorite food items, orders it and then the ordered food items are delivered at their workplace desk or table. In hotels or restaurants if there is crowd of customers then waiter or the person who is taking orders may not be able to give proper attention to all the customers. Hotels use pages for writing customer’s food orders which causes wastage of natural resources. Hotel owners hire people to maintain the record of ordered food. Hotels use traditional way in which waiter continuously have to ask the customers to order the food which is irritating and annoying for the customers. To overcome this issue, this invented system is very useful. Even it has been observed that when customers orders the food from their hotel rooms, hotel manager who is taking order doesn’t know which food items are available or sometimes manager forgets the taken order. The invented system, models and process can be used within hotels and restaurants where the customers can explore available food items on the menus which are regularly updated. Customers can order the required food items which are then delivered on their table or at their hotel rooms. The customers, employees, staff, etc. can also provide the review or feedback of the ordered food items and canteens, cafeterias, restaurants or hotels from where they ordered the food. The canteens, cafeterias, restaurants or hotels owners can access the daily reports or reports for specific durations selected by them to track the overall sell of food items. Even the customers can view their order history.