Food taking assist device

Fecha de publicación: 16/03/2021
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
Food taking assist device. The utility model relates to a small food processor which is composed of a container sealing cover, an inlet guide pipe, a pressurizing guide pipe, a pressurizing rubber ball with a pressure regulating valve, a liquid food container, a small food processor and a container base with a food crushing knife. The other end of the container sealing cover penetrates through thecontainer sealing cover and is inserted into the liquid food container, the small food processer, the container base with the food crushing knife and the liquid food container can be buckled throughscrew openings, and the container sealing cover can be buckled with the liquid food container through the screw openings. When in use, the liquid diet container is filled with liquid diet and nutritious non-solid food, the non-solid food is put into the liquid diet container and is buckled with the container base with the food crushing knife and the small food processer, the lost container is taken down after the food is ground and crushed, the container sealing cover is covered, the container is pressurized through the pressurizing rubber ball with the pressure regulating valve, and the proper pressure is regulated through the pressure regulating valve. Liquid food is fed into the mouth of a patient through the inlet guide pipe, feeding is facilitated, the nutrition requirement of the patient is guaranteed, convenience and practicability are achieved, the liquid food container can be independently used as a water cup, and multiple purposes are achieved integrally, practically and environmentally friendly.