Food replenishment control method and device, steam box and storage medium

Fecha de publicación: 03/11/2020
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention relates to a food replenishment control method and device, a steam box and a storage medium. The method comprises the following steps: determining food inventory information in a food production device; receiving food replenishment control information, wherein the food replenishment control information is obtained by processing food inventory information, existing food information ofthe food access device and food replenishment priorities of different food placement areas in the food production device, and the food replenishment priorities are inversely related to the food quantity of the food placement areas; and based on the food replenishment control information, selecting food from the food placement area to replenish the food access device. By the adoption of the method, repeated interaction with a selling system is not needed, and therefore the working efficiency of temporary processed food replenishment can be improved.