Fecha de publicación: 28/04/2014
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The present invention relates to a food recommending system and, more specifically, to a situation awareness-based food recommending system which recommends food based on a situation awareness. The food recommending system according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a user information storing unit to store the physical constitution and disease information of a service user in a user information storage database by receiving the physical constitution and disease information of the service user; a food intake information storing unit to store the food intake information in the database in an accumulative way by receiving the intake information of the food which the service user eats; a food information storing unit to classify and store eatable food information in the database according to the physical constitution and the disease information; and a food recommending unit to transmit the recommended food to a terminal of the service user by searching the recommended food which is appropriate to the user with reference to the physical constitution and disease information of the service user. The food recommending system is able to maximize not only the health of a user, but also the psychological satisfaction because the present invention not only recommends food based on the health state and physical constitution of the service user, but also recommends the optimal food by additionally reflecting various determining factors for selecting food such as climate, time, and anniversary. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2014 [Reference numerals] (100) Food ingredient sensor; (200) Mobile terminal; (210) Information relaying module; (212) System connection requesting unit; (214) Sensor connection requesting unit; (216) Food ingredient information acquiring unit; (218) Food ingredient information displaying unit; (220) Food ingredient information transmitting unit; (400) Food recommending system; (410) User information storing unit; (420) Food intake information storing unit; (430) Food information storing unit; (440) Food recommending unit; (450) User information storage DB; (460) Food information DB; (470) Recommended restaurant DB; (480) Health management requesting unit; (490) Location information acquiring unit